P.E. Days

We would like to inform you that children will be required to continue to come to school wearing their P.E. kit on their allocated P.E. day.

Children will need to wear a plain white or black t-shirt with plain black sports bottoms and jacket if necessary. If children attend school in anything other than plain clothes, the school office will kindly ask you to bring a change of clothes in for your child to change into.

PE Timetable:

EYFS   Class A – Wednesday

EYFS  Class B – Wednesday

Year 1 and 2    Class C  – Monday

 Year  1 and 2   Class D – Monday

 Year 1 and 2  Class E  – Friday

 Year 3  Class F – Tuesday

 Year 3 Class G – Tuesday

 Year 4  Class H – Monday 

Year 4 Class I – Monday

 Year 5 Class J – Tuesday and Friday

 Year 5  Class K – Tuesday and Friday

 Year 6  Class L – Wednesday

 Year 6 Class M – Wednesday

 Class N – Tuesday