Academy Governing Body

All academies within the Trust are governed by the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust Board and Members. The L.E.A.D. Academy Trust governance structure establishes clear lines of accountability, overview and scrutiny at three levels: The L.E.A.D. Academy Trust Members; the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust Board and its Committees; and the Academy Governing Body (AGB).

The AGB meets formally three times each year (termly) and also meets informally each term through engagement meetings. The Trusts scheme of delegation, AGB terms of reference and articles of association can be accessed by the clicking the links below. These key documents set out the function and role of the AGB.

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust – Governance

Please find below details about this academy’s AGB membership, including the names and terms of appointment for each member.

For any further information please contact the school office.

NameGovernor CategoryHow AppointedDate of AppointedTerm of OfficeBusiness Interests DeclaredGovernance roles in other Educational InstitutionsAGB Attendance: Academic Year 2022-2023
Melany PembertonExecutive HeadteacherN/A N/A N/A Member of International Coaching Federation.

Member of Barefoot Coaching.

Member of Association of American Dancing.

Deliver MRA Coaching Programme within L.E.A.D. Academy Trust.

Jigsaw 24 CEO, Roger Whittle, is a family friend, however I receive no financial gains or interests connected with education or IT facility.
Headteacher at Edna G Olds Academy.3/3
Cathy GibsonHead of SchoolN/A1 September 2022 N/ANoneNone3/3
Jane ThomasStaff Governor (Teaching)Elected by Staff12 November 20194 YearsNoneParent Governor at Norfolk Community Primary School1/3
Paula SnellingStaff Governor (Support)Elected by Staff18 November 20204 YearsNoneNone0/3
Caron BrittonParent GovernorElected by Parents5 March 20204 YearsNoneNone2/3
Hannah IrelandParent Governor Elected by Parents 4 January 20214 YearsNoneNone2/3
Chris JeavonsCommunity GovernorAppointed by Trust8 September 20204 YearsPastor of Spa View Community ChurchNone3/3
Ed WydenbachCo-Opted GovernorAppointed by TrustFirst appointed 1 April 2017,
last reappointed from 1 August 2023
1 Year (rolling term)Director at Endcliffe Vale Lessees LimitedNone3/3
Sharon DammsCommunity GovernorAppointed by Trust12 November 2019, reappointed for second term from 12 November 20234 YearsNoneNone3/3
Damola Aderiye Co-opted GovernorAppointed by Trust 13 October 2021Resigned 21 November 2022NoneNonen/a
Jessica AbbottCo-opted GovernorAppointed by Trust5 July 20224 yearsSafeguarding Officer the Birley Academy Secondary SchoolNone2/3
Amber LudlamParent GovernorElected by Parents9 March 20231 YearTBCNone0/1

Our Chair of Governors, Ed Wydenbach, can be contacted via the school office at [email protected]

Safeguarding Link Governor: Ed Wydenbach

Parent Expression of Interest Letter