Vision & Values


As part of the LEAD Academy Trust, the values of Lead, Empower, Achieve, and Drive underpin our approach at Birley Spa Primary Academy to equip every individual with the core strength and resilience to confidently burst through barriers to learning, and become confident, conscious citizens equipped for the challenges of the modern world.

We create the aspirational cultural climate in which every member of Birley Spa Primary Academy thrives and articulates a passion for inspiring leadership beyond learning.

Through the pursuit of excellence, our children, no matter their age or need, are encouraged to become ambassadors with the highest aspirations. Learners who confidently express themselves and articulate their knowledge with passion.  Our inspirational learning environments motivate our children to develop a desire and love of learning in an ‘Everyone is a Leader’ community.

Our children have a range of responsibilities within the classroom, school and community, developing their sense of pride in their community and independence.  They learn to understand and balance risk to challenge themselves and grow as learners.  Children demonstrate initiative to question, lead and explore from their first day of their Birley Spa journey until they move on to secondary education.

We are guided by our LEAD core principles – to develop leaders of the future. These principles underpin our key values:

Creativity, Resilience, Endeavour, Aspiration, Teamwork, Empathy and tolerance (CREATE). 

Through our core values our passionate and caring staff team foster a love of learning, evoke curiosity, and stimulate imagination.  Our school is strengthened by support from – and partnerships with – parents and wider families alike.  As well as motivating our pupils, our values aim to encourage and support the development of staff and governors, to achieve the highest standards for all in our pursuit for excellence.  Members of staff model the school values and use them to develop their own practice.  All pupils are encouraged to thrive, regardless of social, financial, or academic advantage.  Our values ensure stakeholders have a clear understanding of what every pupil is entitled to, no matter what their lived experience. 


  • To value and form highly respectful relationships, bringing Birley Spa Academy staff, pupils, families, and governors together with shared aspirations.
  • To ensure equal access to Birley Spa Academy’s personalised curriculum, devising bespoke plans and programmes of study which are accessible to all the needs of the pupils.  To exploit curriculum opportunities which fully engage and immerse pupils in their learning; provide a curriculum that optimises use of all available resources to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • To deliver exceptional and regular training and coaching to maximise Birley Spa Academy staff team’s potential and development for all pupils.
  • Stakeholders respect others, develop a global understanding of our ever-changing world and contribute to society as responsible citizens.
  • To recognise that all members of Birley Spa Academy school community are unique, where we positively value each other’s differences and individual strengths.  To create opportunities where pupils can learn much from one another.   To actively encourage pupils to share, co-operate and communicate effectively with each other, showing care and understanding.  To develop the ability to think from others’ perspectives as well as our own.
  • Birley Spa challenges all aspects of discrimination, inequality, and exclusion.   To develop pupils’ self-respect and help them to understand and acknowledge the ideas, attitudes, and values of others.   To display respect and tolerance for a diverse range of cultures, religions, and backgrounds, promoting positive attitudes towards other people. 
  • To develop sophisticated levels of communication in which all stakeholders politely and effectively learn and work together with others, so that we foster self-discipline and respect for people, property, and all forms of life to realise and maximise positive relationships.
  • To develop a culture of inclusion and diversity at Birley Spa in which everyone feels proud of their identity and ability to fully participate in school life.
  • To promote equality by tackling discrimination, and challenging stereotypes to create an environment which champions respect for all.
  • To build compassionate relationships with one another, taking the time to ensure that every member of our Birley Spa Academy community feels listened to, valued and respected.
  • To promote the British core values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance, in line with the current Equalities Act.
  • To help pupils understand the importance of truth and fairness, so that they grow up wholly committed towards embracing equal opportunities for all.
  • To offer a well-balanced, engaging education at Birley Spa, that develops the whole child, as well-rounded, confident individuals that possess the self-belief and determination to try new things and make mistakes.  Pupils emerge as leaders within their own learning and are courageous in their approach.
  • Birley Spa Academy communicates the highest expectations to enable our pupils to fully participate and take responsibility for their learningTo encourage them to persevere and develop as resilient, independent learners who think creatively when faced with a problem or challenge.
  • To develop pupils who are curious and creative in their exploration of the curriculum and interested in all aspects of the world around them.  To foster a team of enquiring minds, with the ability to question, choose, evaluate, and argue rationally.
  • To praise and celebrate of the achievements of every child at Birley Spa Academy.
  • Birley Spa Academy stakeholders assess our success in achieving these aims using regular teacher assessment, nationally standardised tests and consultation with pupils and parents –

‘Everyone has a voice; everyone is a leader’ culture permeates our Academy.